Diggy Tickets

The Diggy star is remarkably shining over again in 2012 as this musician’s concerts will be performed at many places. Diggy is amongst those artists that persistently astonish supporters, and give every event a magical touch to be unlike the previous and take the attendee to a milieu of complete delight. You might probably do not believe that, though if you have the luck to order Diggy tickets and attend one of the concerts, you’ll live the experience.


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Diggy is stopping at a lot of places like . And if you want to attend one of them, for instance you are going to share moments of happiness with legions of Diggy supporters. Besides, if you are wondering what showgrounds Diggy concerts will precisely to stop at, we may state . Nevertheless, main Diggy September 2 concerts are greatly attended also in and many other places.

Diggy Tour Dates

2012 Tour
August 23rd 07:00 PM - Baltimore, MD - Pier Six Concert Pavilion
August 24th 07:00 PM - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
August 25th 06:00 PM - New York, NY - Best Buy Theatre - Times Square
August 26th 06:00 PM - Upper Darby, PA - Tower Theatre - PA
August 31st 07:00 PM - Miami, FL - James L Knight Center
September 2nd 06:00 PM - Atlanta, GA - Fabulous Fox Theatre - GA
September 7th 07:00 PM - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre - MI
September 8th 07:00 PM - Chicago, IL - Arie Crown Theater
September 9th 06:00 PM - Saint Louis, MO - The Pageant