What The Federal Government Shutdown Means For Georgia

September 30, 2013 12:12 PM
What The Federal Government Shutdown Means For Georgia
" Atlanta (WAOK/AJC)– More than 77,000 executive branch civilian workers in Georgia could be furloughed if the federal government partially shuts down at midnight on Tuesday. Although the government will not halt altogether, this shutdown has many Georgians bracing for the massive disruption and ripple effects that it will cause. Services such as Social Security, Medicare reimbursements, and food stamps would continue to be active, as well as the United States┬áPostal Service. Federal Courts will remain open as well, although it is not known for how long. Entities such as the Women, Infant, & Children program will be affected as will National Parks across the United States, which will close. In addition, lower-income and first-time home buyers would not be able to get a federally backed loan.

Georgia’s state government will continue to function as normal in the event of a federal shutdown, although experts say that a lengthy standoff could prove to be extremely disruptive. The state spends roughly $12┬ábillion in federal money, between 31 and 32 percent of the state’s budget, with most going to Medicaid, school lunch and special education programs "

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