RNC Chairman: ‘We Need To Be A Party That Is Engaged Full Time In Black, Hispanic And Asian Communities’

August 20, 2014 12:52 PM " MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A GOP effort to send hundreds of party workers into minority communities across the country will continue long after this year’s midterm elections are over, the chairman of the Republican National Committee said Tuesday.

“We need to be a year-round party,” Reince Preibus said to a gathering of Georgia Republicans. “We need to be a party that is engaged full time in black, Hispanic and Asian communities. Not just once in a while, but all the time.”

The work will be critical for the GOP, comprised heavily of white voters, as the size and political strength of minority populations continues to grow nationally. In places like Georgia, where every statewide elected official is Republican, Democrats are hoping an increase in minority voters along with an influx of out-of-state residents will make the state more competitive starting this year. And the stakes couldn’t be higher as Republicans make a push to take control of the Senate for the last two years of President Barack Obama’s term.

The RNC effort, which includes voter registration drives and numerous community meetings, is one of many launched by Republicans this election cycle "

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