Rev Sharpton In Atlanta For Voter Engagement Tour

July 9, 2012 12:00 AM
Rev Sharpton In Atlanta For Voter Engagement Tour
" ATLANTA (WAOK)-Reverend Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King the Third and other religious leaders will meet Tuesday at Salem Bible Church on Baker Road for a voter engagement drive. Rev Sharpton says the effort is designed to highlight voter suppression tactics in states like Georgia which have voter ID laws.

Rev Sharpton will broadcast his talk show “Keepin’ It Real”  live from the church and the day will conclude with a worship service .

Rev Sharpton says the voter engagement effort will include:

Voter Registration –How to register voters within the new laws

 Voter education – Knowing the changes that have affected voter participation 

Get Out the Vote effort-practices to encourage nonpartisan participation in the election process.

Voter protection - What to do when there are issues at the polling place.

Meanwhile, in Texas  a controversial new voter ID law is getting its day in federal court.  The law would require voters to submit a driver’s license or a similar government-issued ID in order to cast a ballot.  The Justice Department says the law, disproportionately impacts Hispanics.

Rev Sharpton has been traveling to states that now that voter ID laws in effect. "

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