Prominent Lawmakers Blast Transportation Referendum

July 10, 2012 12:00 AM
Prominent Lawmakers Blast Transportation Referendum
" ATLANTA (CBS ATL/WAOK) – Lawmakers who originally voted to approve a measure to let voters decide if they want to raise metro Atlanta’s sales tax to pay for a massive overhaul to the region’s transportation systems are now asking the public to vote against the initiative.

Voters will decide July 31 if they want to add one percent of the region’s sales tax to pay to upgrade the area’s aging streets, highways and rails.

The transportation special purpose local option sales tax, commonly known as T-SPLOST, would last for 10 years and raise more than $7 billion.

Senate Leader Chip Rogers and the Transportation Leadership Coalition are now criticizing the proposal, calling it a tax hike that doesn’t solve the transportation problems.

Rogers said he voted to put the issue on the ballot so the public could make the final judgment.

“The voters themselves ought to have the right to make that decision whether I agree or not,” Rogers said.

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