Occupy Movement Gets A PAC

February 16, 2012 12:00 AM
Occupy Movement Gets A PAC
" ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – The Occupy movement has decided to fight fire with fire.

Last week, John Paul Thornton of Decatur, Ala. filed to create a PAC for the Occupy Movement. “PAC” is an acronym for a political action committee, or an organization that campaigns for or against candidates, legislation, and ballot initiatives.

Thornton is an active member in the Alabama Occupy movement.  He said he came up with the idea when he was laying in bed.

“[I was] watching [The Colbert Report] and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t be nice if Occupy had a PAC,’ and … like a lightbulb, it came to me!” he told CBS Atlanta.

The money that will be raised can be used by Occupy as a whole, from branches in Huntsville, Ala. to ones in New York City or Oakland, Calif.

“This PAC is for everyone and if they want to contribute they are more than welcome,” Thornton said. “This is going to be uber-transparent down to the cent.  It will be egalitarian and democratic.”

Money will also be used for federal candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders because of their pledges to get money out of politics.

Although starting a PAC is serious business, the application is filled with the typical whimsy of the Occupy movement. "

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