NAACP: “It’s A Sad Day For Voter Rights In Georgia”

October 30, 2014 3:33 PM
NAACP: “It’s A Sad Day For Voter Rights In Georgia”
" The Georgia Secretary of State, according to Dr. Francys Johnson, “has taken a page from the playbook of Ohio and Florida, where we have seen those secretary of states put their hands on the scales of justice in terms of elections.” In those states, Johnson, president of the Georgia Conference of the NAACP, says “we saw the outcome of confusion, suppression and a chilling impact on participation. We are fighting hard against those sorts of things here in Georgia.”

In reacting to a Fulton County judge declining to rule on the dispute over 56,000 Georgia voter registration applications, Johnson says “It’s a sad day for the right to vote in Georgia”.

When asked about the next step, Johnson says, “we’re going to fight until hell freezes over and then we’re going to fight on the ice.” Johnson adds, “we’re exploring federal litigation under Section II of the Voting Rights Act, as-well-as under the National Voter Registration Act.” Says Johnson, “we also have invited the federal Department of Justice to come in and intervene in this election "

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