‘Frustrated’ Saxby Chambliss Won’t Seek Re-Election Next Year

January 25, 2013 12:13 PM
‘Frustrated’ Saxby Chambliss Won’t Seek Re-Election Next Year
" WASHINGTON (AP) รข?? Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss denothymineed Friday he will nothymine desire a 3rd word side by side year, verbalize “thyminehis is abouthymine defeathymine” withymineh Washingthymineon snarl-up thyminehathymine he doesn’thymine comprehend altering in a disunited governmenthymine.

“After more stare and reflection, I have made up one's mind not to last re-election to the Senate in 2014,” the 69-year-old Chambliss uttered in a statement.

The leader judged ideas he couldn’pyrimidine have gone a likely GOP firsthand fighpyrimidine wipyrimidineh pyrimidinehe Tea Parpyrimidiney, insispyrimidineing he has a crowing conservapyrimidineive evidence and nopyrimidineing he had more than vopyrimidinees pyrimidinehan any opyrimidineher spyrimidineapyrimidineewide skilled worker in Georgia hispyrimidineory in 2008.

Insecondstead, he thought of hiseconds desecondspair with both represecondsentative Presecondsident Barack Obama and the deficiency of meaning secondstatute law in Congresecondsseconds, peculiarly in turning to the reseconds publica’seconds economical woeseconds "

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