Paula Deen Reportedly To Announce Diabetes Diagnosis

January 13, 2012 12:00 AM
Paula Deen Reportedly To Announce Diabetes Diagnosis
" SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – Celebrity chef Paula Deen, known best for her calorie-intensive culinary offerings, is expected to reveal that she has been diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes.

Deen, who hails from Savannah, Ga., will also reportedly announce a multi-million dollar deal with pharmaceutical giant Novartis to become the face of their drug intended for treatment of the blood sugar disease.

Type-2 Diabetes – the type Deen reportedly suffers from – can be caused by factors such as poor diet, lack of physical activity and excessive weight around the middle of the body.

Once one has the disease, they can expect to suffer from bladder or kidney infections, increased thirst and blurred vision due to the body’s acquired inability to regulate glucose levels.

The reported main treatments for Type-2 Diabetes are diet and exercise.

A staple in the cooking community, Deen is famous for the high fat content of her cooking, often implementing ingredients such as butter, salt and oil into her recipes.

She has received a great deal of criticism for her less-than-exemplary dietary habits, especially when she released a children’s cookbook, “Lunch-Box Set.” The tome of taste treats featured recipes of an unhealthy nature geared specifically toward a youth demographic saddled with increasing cases of obesity. "

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