North Korean National Symphony Orchestra To Tour Across US

March 21, 2012 12:00 AM
North Korean National Symphony Orchestra To Tour Across US
" ATLANTA (AP) — An Atlanta-based nonprofit is planning to bring North Korea’s national orchestra to the U.S. for a tour that would start in Atlanta, according to the group’s president.

The North Korean National Symphony Orchestra is planning a concert in Atlanta this spring followed by a tour of several other cities, said Robert Springs, the president of Global Resource Services, a humanitarian group that works in North Korea.

He said he hopes the visit will take place in the spring but that the details are still being worked out and the visit is still awaiting government approval. Springs’ group has sent three musical groups to North Korea over the last 14 years, including Christian rock group Casting Crowns.

“The hope is that we can better understand the people of North Korea and that they can better understand us,” he said. “And that could lead to more normalized relations.”

The deal comes amid encouraging signs that ties between the U.S. and North Korea could be warming.

Both nations announced an agreement last month that calls for Pyongyang to freeze its nuclear activities and allow U.N nuclear inspections in exchange for food aid. But Washington said the North’s recently unveiled plans to launch a satellite on a rocket could jeopardize the deal. "

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