‘CNN Of The Ghetto’: WorldStarHipHop Becoming YouTube For Urban Violence

March 29, 2012 12:00 AM
‘CNN Of The Ghetto’: WorldStarHipHop Becoming YouTube For Urban Violence
" ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — A Chinese restaurant explodes into a full-blown riot. People are hitting each other with chairs. Glasses and plates are thrown. The bystander who is filming the chaos repeats the mantra over and over: “World Star! World Star! World Star!”

What the cameraman is calling out is the final destination for his impromptu documentary: Worldstarhiphop .

WorldStarHipHop — or WSHH for short — is often referred to as an “internet cesspool.” However, the founder of the site, Lee O’Denat, told Vibe his website is “the CNN of the ghetto.”

O’Denat, more popularly known as “Q,” started the site in 2005 as a way to distribute mix-tapes to the hip-hop community.

Hackers destroyed the site soon after it was launched. O’Denat then reopened the site as a content aggregator.

Since its reopening, WorldStarHipHop has become the home for uncensored fight videos and public sex acts.

The videos brought the site unrivaled popularity. WSHH receives about 4 million views a month and is the 269th most visited site in the U.S.

But with the popularity comes scrutiny. A number of the more violent videos have lead to arrests and police are now beginning to monitor WSHH for leads.

One of those cases involved Philip Struthers in Tampa, Fla. When Struthers’ son, Jake, got into a fight in front of their house, Struthers cheered and shouted for Jake to “knock him out” and “slam his head on the ground.” "

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