B.o.B.’s “Strange Clouds” Ascend To The Top 5 Albums In The Country

May 9, 2012 12:00 AM
B.o.B.’s “Strange Clouds” Ascend To The Top 5 Albums In The Country
" B.o.B‘s Strange Clouds blasted off with first-week sales topping all other rap releases and coming in at No. 5 in all genres. While he’s still flying high, B.o.B already has plans that would send him into outer space, including a joint project with T.I. .

Strange Clouds’ first-week sales numbers followed Adele’s 21, which sold 77,379 in the same week (May 1- May 8), besting B.o.B’s sophomore album sales (76,360) by about 1,ooo moved units. The extra sales earned Adele the No. 4 spot in overall album sales.

According to SoundScan, the top three sellers this week were Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away (267K), Norah Jones’ Little Broken Heart (109K) and the Now… series, featuring various artists (94K).

While B.o.B is enjoying his sophomore success, he has genre-bending projects on deck. He gave fans a clue as to his future direction with “Ray Bands,” where he raps: “After Strange Clouds, I’mma drop my rock album.”

But before any such rock album is released, he said he and T.I. will be finishing a dual disc, The Man and the Martian.

“We’re still working on it,” he recently told CBS Local. “The Man and the Martian is really the best of Tip and the best of me. Putting our heads together and coming up with a sound. It’s really effortless and about having fun. There is no expectation and you can do whatever you feel like doing, a fun project.” "

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