[VIDEO] You Know You’re Old When… Must See Video!

October 19, 2011 12:00 AM
[VIDEO] You Know You’re Old When… Must See Video!
" It appears daylight had not yet come for singer Harry Belafonte before his live satellite interview with a Bakersfield, California morning show last Friday.  Video of the 84-year-old singer snoozing on live television is making the rounds on the Internet.             

KBAK anchor Layla Santiago was unsuccessful in trying to rouse Belafonte with her rendition of his song classic “Day-O” and fumbled around explanations for the on-air faux pas.  Belafonte was on the program to promote his new memoir “My Song.”


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It looks so smooth in the video, though, you'd never know." Epstein: "It was a manual transmission so it was a little crazy. The only part that was scary was when we stalled out on Lafayette, and going around the Campus Martius roundabout.

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What Can We Learn From Video Games?

MARTIN: You know, yours is the kind of job - and I'm sure you've heard this - that people have one of two reactions about. One is: That is so cool. And the other is: Are you kidding me? So tell us a little bit more about exactly what you're hoping to ...

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Sarkisian post-practice comments and video

Gives us a chance to embrace Seattle, you know. You get downtown. You get under the Space Needle and you get a chance to play. Just the environment. It breaks up spring ball, with the stands and all that. I know our guys get excited about it.

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A video aimed at boosting teacher morale sinks a principal

Perhaps the principal was reassigned less because of the content video and more because it was pointless. Lack of common sense and good judgement tend to be requirements for promotion to the central office. I don't know how this school ranks, ...

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