Too Much Truth – Voices Of Influences

February 5, 2014 12:43 AM
Too Much Truth – Voices Of Influences
" Today on Too Much Truth, DB starts the show off by recognizing the beginning of Black History Month. For years there have many African-American leaders that have served as a positive influence for the black community. The only thing is that many are forgotten and go unrecognized. So DB asked his listeners who served as a positive voice of influence in their lives. Check out the clip below to hear who has been a positive role model to the Too Much Truth listeners.

play pause Voices of Influence WAOK Atlanta

Speaking of voices of influences, DB was also joined by a round table of legal attorneys that came on the show to provide you tips and information for your legal needs. In the studio we had Attorney William Boodie who specialize in criminal cases and family law. You can reach him at 404-287-2393. We also had another lawyer who also focuses on family law, and her name is Attorney Tracy H "

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