Too Much Truth Recap: Day 28th Of Georgia State Prison Hunger Strike

July 9, 2012 12:00 AM
Too Much Truth Recap: Day 28th Of Georgia State Prison Hunger Strike
" According to BET ,

Several inmates in a Georgia prison are making a second attempt at staging a hunger strike in efforts to bring awareness to what they call  unreasonable and inhumane treatment at the hands of prison guards and officials.

Since June 10, a group of 12 inmates at the Diagnostic and Classification Prison have refused to eat, demanding access to proper hygiene, medical treatment, the restoration of their visiting and communications rights and access to personal property, says the Black Agenda Report. Many of the men were involved in a previous hunger strike launched in December 2010. Unfortunately the peaceful demonstration was cut short by the brutal beating of inmate Miguel Jackson and others who were allegedly targeted for participating in the protest.

Jackson was severely injured after he was taken to a secluded area without video surveillance at Smith State prison and beaten with a hammer-like object by prison guards. Following the attack, Jackson’s family and lawyers say that prison officials refused Jackson medical attention for months, and today he says he still suffers from splitting migraines as a result of the attack.

Thirty-seven of the men who participated in the original hunger strike were singled out as leaders, and as punishment they were sent to the Diagnostic and Classification Prison, where they were placed in solitary confinement. There, they allegedly endured only restricted access to visits and communication with attorneys for the past 18 months. "

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