Too Much Truth Exclusive: Sheriff Thomas Brown Gives His Side On Dekalb Eviction

May 2, 2012 12:00 AM
Too Much Truth Exclusive: Sheriff Thomas Brown Gives His Side On Dekalb Eviction
" In a Too Much Truth Exclusive, we had the opportunity to talk to current Dekalb County Sherriff  Thomas Brown about his decision to go forth and evict Dekalb resident Christine Frazier and her 85 year old mother out of there residence at 3AM this past Wednesday morning.

Just in case you dont remeber the story, the AJC reports:

At 3 a.m. Wednesday, a visitor Christine Frazer was dreading showed up at her home of 18 years — DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown, accompanied by 25 deputies.

The law enforcement officers expected to confront a phalanx of Occupy Atlanta activists who had been camped out in Frazer’s front yard since early March to try and save the foreclosed Wellhaun Road home. But only one protester was on site Wednesday morning, overwhelmed by the show of force a DeKalb sheriff’s office spokesman said was brought in to ensure the eviction of four generations of Frazers was carried out “safely.”

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