President Obama Finally Speaks Out On The Trayvon Martin Case

March 27, 2012 12:00 AM
President Obama Finally Speaks Out On The Trayvon Martin Case
" Last Sunday, Rob Redding asked the question “what does President Obama think about the Trayvon Martin case?” Well today President Obama finally answered the question and spoke out about the case and the protest that has been taking place nation wide. Click below to hear what President Obama had to say.



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To wit, Barack Obama's national campaign will commence May 5, as the president and the First Lady travel to Columbus, Ohio, and Richmond, Virginia. “For the better part of last year, Romney has tried to tear down President Obama with a dishonest, ...

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What Obama should do after the Secret Service scandal

By Frida Ghitis, Special to CNN President Obama and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, on April 15. Editor's note: Frida Ghitis is a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World ...

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GOP Finally Believes It Can Beat Obama

And, for the first time, even previously cynical members of the Republican establishment now believe Romney has a real chance to defeat President Obama in November. Thus, pressure is being exerted on all the remaining candidates, ie, Newt Gingrich ...

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