(Poll) Aurora Victims Families Reject Invite To Movie Theater!!!

January 3, 2013 3:59 PM
(Poll) Aurora Victims Families Reject Invite To Movie Theater!!!

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" According to CBSNEWS.Com,

" (CBS/AP) CENTENNIAL, Colo. – The owner of the Aurora, Colo., movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people and injured 58 others last July recently invited the victims’ families to attend an “evening of remembrance” and a movie, when the theater reopens later this month.

PICTURES; The Aurora shooting victims

In response, relatives of most of the people killed in the massacre are calling the invitation a “disgusting offer.”

The parents, grandparents, cousins and widow of nine of the 12 people killed released a letter sent to the theater’s owner, Cinemark, in which they criticized the Plano, Texas-based company

for not reaching out to the families of victims to offer their condolences. They also said the company refused to meet with them one-on-one without lawyers present.

The families said they were asked to attend the scheduled reopening Jan. 17 in invitations sent two days after Christmas.

“Thanks for making what is a very difficult holiday season that much more difficult. Timing is everything and yours is awful,” they wrote.

The company had no immediate comment "

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