Obama And Trayvon Martin Cartoon Provokes Ire!

April 2, 2012 12:00 AM
Obama And Trayvon Martin Cartoon Provokes Ire!
" A syndicated columnist today has come under fire for portraying President Obama as a track runner who literally crossed the line on the Trayvon Martin case. The work of conservative cartoonist Glen McCoy has been assailed by at least one  reader, in a letter to the editor.

“I am incensed, appalled and saddened by the political cartoon (Glenn McCoy, March 26) you chose for (Monday’s) paper,” E. Betsy Michaud wrote. “I am appalled by the cartoonist’s view that our president is pictured as a black track runner who is trying to draw attention to himself by running over Trayvon’s body as he breaks the ‘police investigation-do not cross’ lines, in front of photographers (whose arms and faces are all white), and holding his ‘I’m Number One’ fingers in the air, as many track ‘winners’ do.”

The McCoy cartoon comes as cartoonist Stephanie Eisner, a student involved with the University of Texas at Austin’s The Daily Texan, was fired last week for calling Martin an “innocent colored boy.”

Another cartoon, that also did not include Obama, made a few students at the University of North Carolina march on campus last week. That cartoon featured George Zimmerman over a dead Martin. The caption: “This wasn’t about race. I shot because I felt threatened… Skittles are full of high fructose corn syrup.” "

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