Joe Madison Uncovers Racial Slur In Florida Shooting

March 20, 2012 12:00 AM
Joe Madison Uncovers Racial Slur In Florida Shooting
" Sirius XM radio talk host Joe Madison today announced that he discovered audio of George Zimmerman referring to Trayvon Martin as a “coon” under his breath moments before he shot the teenager to death. ”A listener reached out to me yesterday asking that I listen to the tape carefully,” Madison said on his show.  “This morning when we got in, I had our engineer clean up the tape and sure enough, there it was,” Click below to hear the clip. "

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A Case Study In Same Subject Convention;

However, as indicated by the letter from the Secretary of State of North Dakota Alvin A. Jaeger to Vice-President Joe Biden, Jr. president of the senate, it required prodding on the part of the state to get Congress to publish the application.

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