Wow Your Valentine With A Homemade Meal

January 19, 2014 1:00 PM
Wow Your Valentine With A Homemade Meal

" Your life as a couple may be hectic, mundane or a combination of the two, but no matter what your dining style, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity for you to break the mold, smooth out the daily grind and partake of a sensual feast, satisfying to palate, eye and heart. If you’re short on ideas as well as time, you can still feed all your senses by nabbing these simple yet elegant ambiance boosters suggested by lifestyle designer Robert Beukema, as well as several select recipes that ooze love as well as flavor.

Sweetly Sexy

Even if your home is typically scattered with Tonka trucks and your idea of a color palate is whatever food your kids smear on the wall, you can alter the ambiance of your humble abode with a few simple tricks and mood-altering lighting. Hopefully, your babysitter didn’t cancel and you’ll have time to swap out your 75-watters with more flattering and soft, pink light bulbs, creating a delicate cast to the room "

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