Georgia Dome Summer Tailgating Tips

May 28, 2014 7:00 AM
Georgia Dome Summer Tailgating Tips

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" If you’re headed out for a soccer match or another event at the Georgia Dome this summer, you may think that tailgating isn’t allowed outside of the American football season. Never fear, you can pre-party during the summer months too. As long as you obey a few simple rules of the stadium, you and your friends can have a great time before and during your event.

Finding the Perfect Space

First of all, be sure that your vehicle only takes up one parking space. You may be tempted to park across several spaces to reserve room for your crew, but that is not allowed. If your friends want to park next to you, they need to show up on time, as saving spaces is not permitted. You may find that, in typical Southern courtesy, people will try to give each other space, but if an event is extremely popular, you’ll want to get there at the same time as your friends if you want to park together.

Avoid setting up your tents or other tailgating gear in a manner that impedes traffic or extends beyond your parking space "

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