Fall’s 7 Best New Cookbooks

November 20, 2013 11:00 AM
Fall’s 7 Best New Cookbooks

" Fall’s the perfect season to break out the baking sheets and wooden spoons and crank up those ovens. Our sister company Simon & Schuster has pulled together a fantastic list of its latest cookbooks to help inspire even the most reluctant chefs to whip up some new dishes and delight your taste buds!

(Photo credit: Simon and Schuster)

Week In A Day by Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray takes the guesswork out of meal planning and gives you a full week’s worth of meals—from just one grocery bag. Every week has a new theme, such as Hearty Classics: Zinfully Delicious Short Ribs; Turkey Stuffing Meatloaves and Mashed Potatoes with Herbs; and Portobello and Spinach Bolognese. Or travel The World in a Day with Louisiana Style Shrimp, Argentine Chili with Chimichurri, and French Onion Soup "

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