5 Fall Fruits & Veggies To Plant As Summer Winds Down

August 18, 2014 12:00 PM
5 Fall Fruits & Veggies To Plant As Summer Winds Down

" Even though summer is winding down and the warm weather is fading away, there’s still time to get more vegetables and fruits from your garden. In fact, late summer plantings can be one of the most prolific times of year for your garden, second only to spring. That’s because cooler weather, no surprise here, yields fruits and veggies that grow best in cooler temps.

To get your fall garden ready, start by cooling down the soil. In other words, choose a space that has plenty of shade. Then, remove any weeds and dead plants. Prior to planting, it’s also worthwhile to invest in an insulating fabric that can protect the plants, should the first freeze of the year come early. Of course, one last important thing to do before planting is to pick which crops to plant!

Leafy Greens

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Greens like kale, lettuce and spinach thrive in cooler temps and, as such, they’re some of the easiest fall vegetables to plant and harvest. While seeds can be planted in late summer as cooler temps descend, the plants will grow even bigger "

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