Best Chinese Food In Atlanta

January 12, 2011 12:00 AM
Best Chinese Food In Atlanta
" Whether you like dim sum or lo mein, there’s delicious Chinese food to be had in Atlanta. Our list of the best places to get Chinese food in Atlanta includes Chopstix, Canton Cooks and Green Sprout.

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4279 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342 404.255.4868

Head here for an upscale Chinese experience. Get ready, though, to pay the price for such a high-end take on Chinese. The atmosphere is elegant and the service attentive. Enjoy the piano bar, which adds to the relaxing, cozy ambience. The star of the show, though, is the food. We recommend loading up on the appetizers.

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Green Sprout

1529 Piedmont Ave Suite D Atlanta, GA 30324 404.874.7373

Delicious Chinese cuisine so good you won’t even notice it’s vegetarian. Indeed, their faux-chicken, beef and squid will startle a carnivore while satisfying a vegan. Enjoy the bubble tea for dessert after your decadent (but healthy!) meal.

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Canton Cooks

5984 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30328 404.250.0515 No website

If you’re in the mood for authentic Cantonese cuisine, you can’t go wrong at Canton Cooks. They serve up the real deal. Try their lightly battered, slightly spicy salt and pepper squid. It’s a no-frills space, so don’t expect white-glove service, but it’s no greasy spoon either. It’s open late (usually until 2 a.m.), though, to handle your after-hours needs. "

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