5 Ways To Get Outdoors With Dad On Father’s Day

June 1, 2014 12:00 PM
5 Ways To Get Outdoors With Dad On Father’s Day
" Even if your dad is the quintessential couch potato, coaxing him outside for fresh air and fun on Father’s Day can set the stage for a good time and memories you make together. There’s something for everyone in the great outdoors, whether your preferred landscape is rural, urban or the highway to somewhere else. Take To The Water

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Rent or borrow a boat, find a tranquil lake and go fishing. If beach bumming is more your style, dress for whatever the weather is in your neck of the woods and cozy up on a blanket with a barbecue. Lazing along the shoreline or participating in water sports always makes for a splendid day. Leaving your mobile phone at home is an added plus.

Find a Festival

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If walking is more dad’s style, explore one of the many festivals taking place on Father’s Day. Street fairs, carnivals and extravaganzas featuring food, cool stuff to buy, beer, music and more pepper city blocks and Main Streets from sea to shining sea "

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