5 Things High School Seniors Can Do To Prepare For College

July 21, 2014 12:00 PM
5 Things High School Seniors Can Do To Prepare For College

" Senior year in high school is a time of choices, changes, and transitions. It’s also a time of hard work, where students aren’t just focusing on the schoolwork at hand, but also getting ready for college. That all starts during their junior year with picking schools to apply to, collecting recommendations, taking tests like the ACT and SAT and sending in applications. But college prep doesn’t end there, rather, it’s just beginning.

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Meet with a Guidance Counselor

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Getting ready for college, and all the decisions it entails, can be stressful. To alleviate some of that stress and worry, seniors can meet with their school counselor. Not only will this give students a chance to discuss their feelings about going off to college, but counselors can also talk about the different options for school, including whether an associates or bachelors degree would be best for the student and their interests. They can even help students as they start to think of a college major, although there’s still plenty of time for that decision!

Choose a College

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The one decision that can’t be held off is which school to attend "

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