The Biggest Pregnancy Myths Debunked by Expert Linda Geddes

March 11, 2014 10:00 AM
The Biggest Pregnancy Myths Debunked by Expert Linda Geddes

" Photo Credit: Simon & Schuster

" There are all kinds of crazy things people claim to know about pregnancy. Do some foods help you induce labour? Is it really possible to know the sex of your child based on the shape of your belly?

Linda Geddes, award-winning journalist and science reporter, explores the most common baby myths and questions from parents-to-be in the new book Bumpology: The Myth-Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-To-Be, out this month from sister company Simon & Schuster.

Here are the top five pregnancy myths debunked to help calm any parent-to-be.

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The shape of your bump can predict the gender of your child

Women who carry high and all upfront are expecting boys, while a low, wide bump is a sign of a girl – or so says the folklore. But when Janet DiPietro of Johns Hopkins University investigated this old wives tale she found no correlation between the shape of a woman’s bump and the gender of the child developing inside it. Indeed, in most cases the pregnant woman and the investigator couldn’t agree on what shape the woman’s bump should be classified as "

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