Summer Road Trip Checklist When Traveling With Kids

July 7, 2014 12:00 PM
Summer Road Trip Checklist When Traveling With Kids
" Once upon a time, taking a road trip meant packing a few day’s worth of clothes for yourself and hopping in the car. A kid or two or three later, vacations require a whole lot more thought and planning, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here’s what you need to pack for a family-friendly road trip that won’t leave you wishing you’d never left home.

Things to Do

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Kids love presents, so ahead of time, collect small trinkets that can entertain on the go. Wrap them up to distribute during your drive. When restlessness becomes too much to bear, pull out a new gift. Stickers, coloring books, friendship bracelet supplies and dry-erase boards are good options.

Purchase a membership to a local children’s museum that has reciprocal agreements with other centers. Take along your pass, so you can make free stops at children’s museums along your drive. An hour or two of hands-on play will allow kids to exercise their legs before another another stretch of the trip.

You might not want a steady stream of DVDs playing during your entire trip, but you don’t have to shun technology entirely "

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