Georgia’s Top Off-Roading Trails (Maps Included)

April 14, 2014 7:00 AM
Georgia’s Top Off-Roading Trails (Maps Included)

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" There is plenty to do in town in Atlanta during the warmer months, but sometimes you just need a break from it all. There’s no better way to get down and dirty with nature than by going off-roading. There certainly is no shortage of trails to choose from. In fact, the difficult part may be narrowing down your options to a few select favorites. You can choose a different course every time, or you may find yourself returning to a tried-and-true spot.

Beasley Knob Trails

If you are in the mood for a real challenge, head to the Beasley Knob TrailsĀ (PDF map), located near Blairsville. This course runs 10.6 miles, but it is not recommended for first-timers or those with only a casual interest, as the trails contain steep ascents and more difficult terrain. It’s recommended that you call ahead before heading up to the course, as it can often be closed due to inclement weather, including rain. Also, the course is closed for resource protection from January through March. If you are at the more experienced end of the spectrum however, you’ll have a blast, whether you’re on a four-wheel drive vehicle, a motorcycle or an ATV "

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