Best Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Morning With The Family

November 10, 2014 12:00 PM
Best Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Morning With The Family

" The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. The delectable food we currently associate with everyone’s favorite Thursday did not grace that very first table, but early-day ball playing and singing are thought to have been enjoyed by the Wampanoags and English settlers while they waited patiently for their feast of corn and roast meat to begin. We may not indulge in the same foods as the first Thanksgiving celebrants, but sports, music and other fun activities still fill the holiday’s early hours for many families. Setting the table can wait. Here are some enjoyable ways to spend Thanksgiving morning.

Trot Like a Turkey

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Five and 10K turkey trot run/walks take place in many local towns and communities on Thanksgiving morning. Most of these support worthwhile charities or public works and many include a free, one-mile kid’s dash, so the entire family can burn some early morning calories while having a great time together outdoors.

Give Back 

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Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year at food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters "

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