Best Vet Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy in Atlanta

March 1, 2012 12:00 AM
Best Vet Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy in Atlanta

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Cats provide constant companionship and rich rewards, but owners too often fail keep their furry friends healthy with regular maintenance and check-ups. Arlene Kim, a veterinarian with Johns Creek Veterinary Clinic in north Atlanta, speaks below about how to keep your little buddy living long and strong in Atlanta.

Annual exams and vaccinations as needed It’s that time of year again, but your cat isn’t sick. Why not just skip the trying annual visit. “Don’t,” said Kim. “It’s imperative to have a vet examine your cat at least once a year because we can uncover illnesses before they become serious.” Veterinarians are trained to detect subtle sicknesses in cats. They will listen to your cat’s heart to detect murmurs. Increased lung sounds may indicate early illness. Eyes, ears and teeth should be checked for diseases and defects. “It’s also important to keep vaccinations up to date,” said Kim. Vaccination is economical protection against a number of costly and deadly diseases, including rabies, feline leukemia and distemper. Regular exams and vaccinations are the best way to make sure your cat can go the long haul with you. "

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