He has just published its balance sheet for the year 2006

April 16, 2012 5:56 AM
He has just published its balance sheet for the year 2006

The selection


The CSA continues its consultation on mobile television

The Conseil suprieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA), meeting in plenary session on 22 February 2007, has decided to delay for two weeks, or up to March 15, 2007 - the deadline for receipt of responses to the public consultation that he was open to personal mobile television (TMP) by terrestrial digital.

Consumer versus roaming tariffs

Forty European associations, including UFC-Que choose, denounce the rates to which subscribers of mobile operators are subjected when they are travelling in Europe (roaming or "roaming"). The associations believe indeed that the margin by the operators is of the order of 600.

Fourth UMTS licence: call for nominations imminent

The regulatory authority for electronic communications and of posts (Arcep) has proposed to the Government to officially propose the fourth 3 G licence soon launching an appeal application.

Europe opens the Ultra-WireBand (UWB)

On 21 February, the European Commission said that Europe should open networks of new generation wireless (Ultra-WireBand said UWB) and devices using them. She asked Member States to open their radio spectrum for use by European citizens of the UWB.


Circular on the DADVSI law and sanctions

On January 3, the Department of Justice sent judges a circular explaining how to apply the Dadvsi law and sanctions that it provides when users have downloaded or made available to the protected files on peer-to-peer networks or publishers have made available to the software for this infringement.


Act "Television of the future" is consistent with the Constitution

The Constitutional Council before February 22, 2007, by more than 60 members and 23 February by more than 60 senators, made on February 27, 2007 a decision declaring the text voted by the constitutional Parliament. The final text had been adopted by Parliament on 22 February 2007, the Senate and National Assembly had adopted the text developed by the Joint Commission joint.


Developments in the digital press

Marc Tessier has made to the Minister of Culture and Communication's report on the consequences and prospects for the press of current developments in digital. This report proposes ways to allow news organizations to adapt to digital networks.

In the margins


Balance sheet 2006 trade (CSCE) Electronic Surveillance Centre

The CSCE, created in November 2000, to ensure the presence of the DGCCRF in the world of the Internet. He has just published its balance sheet for the year 2006.

The personal data protection

Social security number is not welcome in the DMP

On 20 February, the National Commission for computing and liberties (Cnil) ruled against the use of the NIR (social security number) as the personal medical file (DMP) identification number. It considers that this issue is indeed not appropriate and should be to create a new ID from it.

Domain names

Consultation of Afnic on the management of the data of domain names

The Afnic (French Association for Internet naming in cooperation) launches a public consultation on the publication and access to the WHOIS data. It is for her to "make evolve and formalize its policy" on the subject.

Afnic therefore asked holders of domain names, registrars, or to industrial property offices to participate in ongoing reflection. Contributions can be made until March 27 and the Afnic will publish a summary and conclusions by the summer 2007.