For her this project is now about to lead

April 16, 2012 5:56 AM
 For her this project is now about to lead

Much ado about nothing... Three Ministers, the President of the Conseil suprieur de l'audiovisuel, patterns of television channels and mobile operators gathered yesterday at Bercy to talk about television on mobile phone, called "TMP" (personal mobile TV). On this occasion, ministerial orders on selected technologies were indeed signed. But the meeting allowed to settle any of the issues outstanding: the service will be free or paid And, above all, which will fund the network At least it now has a sketch of calendar.

The CSA has confirmed the launch of a call for late October. They will have to be filed in December 2007 or January 2008, and then the CSA will allocate frequencies in summer 2008. Objective: take the timetable by Christine Lagarde, who said "wish that the first commercial services can be operational for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008", by then covering a third of the population. Then, the Minister for the economy "imagine a large-scale deployment towards 2010". According to her, "the clock is ticking." Some countries have already launched commercial services. "It is indispensable that Europe can quickly find its place, otherwise we risk imposing equipment and services created by others." For her, this project "is now about to lead." "After a time of consultation, decision time is come." She said "wait" tmp "of tens of thousands of jobs."

Herv Novelli, he urged the CSA to "launch his appeal for nominations without delay, and to conduct the selection procedure as quickly as possible." The Secretary of State for business, there is "strong demand from stakeholders and the public" for TMP, which represents "a major issue." According to him, "the market Outlook is are clarified." Better, the tests showed that "the market is indeed" and that "consumers seem willing to pay." Just admitted that "all questions are not yet resolved.

An expensive network to build

The Minister of Culture, Christine Albanel, has been even more dithyrambic on TMP, "fundamental issue" and "future of the entire sector" of the television. TMP offers "great prospects" and is "called to become a mass market." It "should" be broadcast throughout the territory. Result: "can simply long" the frequencies currently used, which cover only 30 of the population. These "must therefore be supplemented by the frequencies released during the judgment of the analogue".

But the success of audience ratings is not yet guaranteed for TV on mobile. Yesterday, the firm Gartner has published a study showing that only 5 of Europeans wanted to look at it, compared to 20 of Asians. In view of this, the TNT group, which includes most of the free DTT channels, expressed "concerns on the proposed model. He regretted that "moves" the model of the free TNT. Because of the "very expensive" cost network "that all chains will not fund". In addition, all technical solutions "were not fully explored. Abroad, the TMP "does appear to not always be successful." Conclusion of the skeptics: before launching a call for nominations, and "further work must be done", including other technologies, risk and foreign experiences.