and the quality of the Home in public services in General

April 16, 2012 5:56 AM
and the quality of the Home  in public services in General

Impeccable hospitals, effective schools, young people sober. For his first appearance highly anticipated as number one in the Congress of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown drew the portrait of the Great Britain of tomorrow, as he intends to transform it. From the oratory facilities of a Tony Blair, the new Prime Minister shelled some safe values before defenders of Labour met for five days in Bournemouth. "Education is my passion," at - it reaffirmed, returning at length on its objective to align the supply of public than private schools so that the money be more discriminating in the educational course. And to commit to funding youth of sixteen from media studies, until their twenty-one years.

Another strong point, health. He promised to improve the NHS (National Health Services) doubling the number of Chief nurses, increase the frequency of screening for cancer... and the quality of the Home in public services in General. Health and education: two themes have not denied Tony Blair, his predecessor, who made a brief tribute. But these traditional priorities of the Labor Party, Gordon Brown adds a new rope to its arc through the fight against crime. In particular, one which always refers to "his moral compass" wants to fight firearms and the evils of alcohol and drugs among young people.

"We, the British".

Punctuating his words of "we, the British" to a conquered public, the new head of the Government noted that its three months at the head of the country had demonstrated the "resistance" of his countrymen. Foiled terrorist attacks, floods, foot and mouth disease, Gordon Brown was not spared since coming to power last June. Not to mention the financial turmoil which took a resounding impact in recent weeks presentation, with the crisis of liquidity of Northern Rock which agencies were stormed by depositors panic. "Our commitment to maintain economic stability has been tested and retested for ten years Asian crisis, Russian crisis, soaring oil prices, US recession", insisted the former Minister of finance, "but through the force of the British economy we can draw a path of stable growth and low interest rates and inflation." Bet on Britain "world leader in the field of science, finance and services companies, energy, the environment", Gordon Brown sees positions full employment "in our generation."

Contrary to his political rivals Menzies Campbell, the head of the Liberal Democrats, and David Cameron, Tory leader, highly disputed in their party, Gordon Brown addressed the annual political track of Labour in serenity. Yesterday, the "Sun" released a poll Ipsos-Mori crediting the party in power for an advance of 8 points on the conservatives. These views, collected after the Northern Rock crisis, demonstrate that the credibility of the former Chancellor of iron was not initiated by the rout of the fifth British real estate lender. Gordon Brown, however, remains disputed by unions who reproach him the freezing of the salaries of public service and his refusal to launch a referendum on Europe. Yesterday, the Prime Minister made a gesture for the social partners, by promising to increase and to extend the minimum wage. However, he suggested again that he did not intend to hold a referendum on the simplified treaty.

In the end, if it did not intend to comment on the rumors of early elections that fill the pages of British newspapers, Gordon Brown did not wished, nor deny them. Experts believe that the very careful politician launch this fall, but that keeping his options open, he maintains the pressure on David Cameron...