How does this complexity translatesPermanently

April 16, 2012 5:56 AM
How does this complexity translatesPermanently

Elie Ohayon takes a first review of its work in McCann and analysis market Flash mutations.

Nine months ago, you have arrived at the head of McCann. In what state do you found the Agency What were your priorities

As I had approached him, I found a "sleeping beauty", rich of beautiful budgets as l ' Oral, Microsoft, Opel, Nespresso but that 70 to 80 of the gross margin were from international accounts. McCann was almost more consulted on calls for tender, so earning more budgets at the local level. And culture that predominated was oriented towards the service of international customers and the adaptation of their campaigns. It therefore had to begin by reviving the local agency, necessarily passing by the fact of rethinking its mode of organization, obsolete.

But what to apply this obsolescence

It is widespread. Advertising agencies have lost the monopoly of the discourse on products: through blogs, forums, sources of information are multiplied. However, if everyone is well aware of what is happening, responses are often surface or the order of the pure speech. Despite the great declarations of intent, structures continue to operate according to patterns inherited from the 1950s and 1960s.

Which led straight into the wall

Yes, to the extent that the answers which were appropriate yesterday, are today. For a long time, agencies and marketing departments have worked with policies fairly straightforward, based on the USP the Unic Selling proposal the search for notoriety or even work on the image. Now, the markets overlap and strategies have become more complicated.

How does this complexity translates

Permanently. When I was working on the budget Orange in BETC Euro RSCG, we spent much of our time to the question against which we we fighting exactly for example: the Internet access providers SFR iTunes Tomorrow, the question will arise who channels television or France Telecom will buy back the rights of the foot. With such complexity, it is clear that organizations, such as they continue to be designed, are more appropriate.

You discuss outdated organizations... Wear the same judgment on advertising techniques

Absolutely. When it scans them somewhat closely, the two effects on which rested the advertising ceased to be effective. Thus, the mechanical effect which was to ensure that the repetition of a message with a lot of money on the table, no longer sufficient to ensure sales. Just as the emotional effect of a spot or a poster has ceased to be an insurance: we are dealing with consumers in a position to "deconstruct" advertising and perfectly able to make the difference between the show their sale and the information it provides.

With the rise of discount, the "low cost" signs, they come even to consider permanently: for what I pay exactly

What response you bring to this "organizational challenge"

We must resolutely return to the concept. May have overlooked the countryside to Apple but there is the concept, "think different", which summarizes the project of the mark. Ditto for Nespresso: it may forget George Clooney but What else"will remain. And Nespresso has upset the "business model" of coffee as the iPhone has redefined the "business model" of music. This is what I'm trying to implement in McCann. We must no longer behave in Agency pub but as a laboratory R & d, testing content, staging, and implementation of concepts.

Is there a corresponding communication campaign to that you would like to do

The recent launch of the game "Halo 3" for Microsoft Xbox 360...

In concrete terms, how have you worked on the reorganization of the Agency

We now have the strategists and the "program managers": each imagine concepts capable of altering perception, behaviour, while others accompany clients in the implementation of the programme of communication on the various points of contact (view, radio, Web, television, point of sale). At the same time, we have modified our creation requirement: we expect more of the creatives that they design campaigns but especially that they bring concepts.

Won't this mix of genres to bring a dangerous rivalry between commercial and creative

Been years that I fight against the sequential organization agencies. We must be of the "aggregators" of talent, accommodate other profiles... This done, the role of the commercial and the creative is not the only one to be reviewed and corrected. Media agencies are reviewing their model and the appropriation of the creation on the Web is now at the heart of the issues.

A way to raise the arm of current railway which does not say his name in networks, between their ad agencies and their media agencies...

Exactly. Media agencies "take" money and try to move up the value chain by mastering the creative process, as demonstrated by the launch of the new Twingo by Carat. While ad agencies control the concept and strive to the decline of the maximum of points of contact. Between the two, a single issue: digital creation on the Web that one and the other try to capture.

How the phenomenon began

In 1992, in the aftermath of the FIR Act, media agencies have fully integrated the new added value are longer, nor on the volume marketed space, but through research and studies. Today, they include that value added is moved on the creation. Many hirings of creatives that they currently perform in advertising agencies are, as such, entirely symptomatic of this awareness.

McCann has recently won the budget of the AIDS of the Inpes, Norauto, Grand Optical, the Paris City Hall, and she appeared in the final of the competition of Club Med... In what area would build you

If we succeed to win a Bank, a telephone operator, and a large distributor, this would be fantastic.