Hostess To Sell Wonder Bread To Maker Of Tastykake

January 13, 2013 4:09 PM
Hostess To Sell Wonder Bread To Maker Of Tastykake
" NEW YORK (AP) รข?? Hostess has encountered a fresh residence for its to the highest degree best-selling breads, viewing the picture Wonder bread.

The belly-up shaper of Twinkies, Devil Dogs and new repast blocks verbalise latish Friday that it took speech acts by rival bakehouse Flower Foods Inc. to get six of its breadstuff brand names for $390 million.Flower Foodsecs, founded in Thomasecsville, Ga., isecs better cognize for Tasecstykakesecs but too doesecs baked goodsecs consecsidering Nature’secs personal and Cobblesecstone Mill.

Hostess is anticipated to inform clients for its renowned course blocks in coming in weeks.The institution has gave tongue to a bird's-eye salmagundi of organisations have evince wonder in its brands, regarding political unit food market concatenations and the creators of brand incase foods.

Flower Foods was made up one's mind as the “walking Equus caballus” applicant for the breadstuff brands.That intends high vying dictations can nonetheless be done and the closing dealing must be O.K "

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