Early Voter Numbers Could Signal Big Changes In Georgia

November 1, 2014 10:27 PM
Early Voter Numbers Could Signal Big Changes In Georgia
" Early voters poured from the Advance Voting area of the Cobb County Government Center on Lower Roswell Road Friday evening, October 31st. It was the final day for early voting in the election being held on November 4th.

As of Friday morning, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office indicated that almost 800,000 Georgians had already cast ballots in the election. As reported by The New York Times, early voters this year in Georgia outnumber those from 2010, when the last midterm election was held.

Strategists on opposite sides of the political spectrum have varying opinions about what the massive turnout might mean for each political party.

(Credit: Maria Boynton/CBS Local)

Conservative opinion writer Charlie Harper is Editor of the Peach Pundit, and a syndicated columnist. He says we’re seeing enthusiasm on both sides that you ordinarily would not see in an off-year presidential election. Mainly because, he says, the election is nationalized. “President Obama has pretty-much said that his policies are on the ballot. We’re sensing across the country that the Republicans are getting the opportunity to take the Senate.” In Georgia, Harper says “we’re seeing a very localized effect since, really the millennium "

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