Citibank To Assist Homeowners

August 8, 2012 12:00 AM
Citibank To Assist Homeowners

" Citigroup is trying something new to keep struggling homeowners out of foreclosure: turn them into renters.

CitiMortgage is painting its new program as a way to help homeowners stuck in houses they can’t afford.

The bank won’t manage the program. It is handing the reigns to an investment firm that bought a $158 million mortgage portfolio from Citi.

Carrington Capital Management and its sister mortgage company will comb the portfolio for eligible homeowners who are at least four months past due. Homeowners would transfer ownership to Carrington and another firm, Oaktree Capital Management. Carrington would then negotiate with the homeowners-turned-renters for “a manageable monthly payment” and how long the lease should last.

Carrington says the pilot program will help about 500 homeowners Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, Nevada and Georgia. "

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Erdene to sell Donkin stake through agreement

Erdene, through the amalgamated company, Xstrata and the province are working together to find a suitable replacement, using the same criteria employed in 2004 when the government issued the tender. Xstrata has chosen Citibank to assist in the search.

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